Research and Development


Great experience on new and obsolete electronics and embedded technologies make us ideal for any kind of embedded design.


Supporting both firmware and software we are able to complete every embedded system project ensuring the finest product efficiency.

All in One

Combination of high quality Hardware and precisely developed Software we are able to provide ready all in one solutions to our customers.

Work Philosophy

  • Our Research and Development team works under the latest task management systems (TMS) available.
  • We use Project Management System that help us cooperate better on your project.
  • Protect and handle your project’s vulnerable digital information over Content Management System (CMS).
  • Weekly and monthly team conferences on the hottest projects and technologies.
  • Objective achievement system.
  • Adapted with the latest Information Flow (IFS) techniques available.
  • Regularly meeting with the clients.
  • We follow every technical innovation around the world and participate at top technological events

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Andrew Carnegie

Areas of Expertise


Giving answers to every day automation problem, we own a really big variety of automotive products covering some critical needs on the elevators.

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Including some of the most common Wireless technologies and protocols at our portfolio, we provide ready wireless solutions on WIFI, LoRa, Bluetooth, Sub-1GHz.

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Using some of the latest released microcontrollers and techniques available, we are able to provide high-end multimedia solutions to our customer offering image, music, video at their applications

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Providing the European elevator market with certified Emergency Telephone ecosystem such as GSM Gateways for over 15 years, is enough to justify our experience on Telecommunications.

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Internet of Things

Since the technology never stops evolving, we follow the Global pace on developing internet connected devices under the Internet of Things philosophy. Our already Internet of Things ready products, as well as the coming soon designs aim to give our customers the opportunity to provide, modernized and according the upcoming technological needs, solutions to their markets.


With one word, we just call it Software, but this is just the beginning. For our team software is more than a word. Expertise in embedded system’s firmware, PC software and mobile applications our team of researchers and software engineers is able to solve any Software problem your systems may needs. Combining these 3 can transform any “new age” tech idea into a powerful system. Specializing in some of the most advance software techniques, this team can give your system unrivaled performances.

Some of our Software capabilities:

  • Embedded Software Stacks like USB, MP3, NFC.
  • Real Time Operating System support.
  • Server based systems.
  • Windows, Mac, Android software and applications.


In our company, we are extremely demanding with the quality of hardware we provide. We are extremely passionate with challenging hardware requirements so we combine high quality raw materials with precisely handling processes in order to ensure the best possible result. The new electronic components technologies do motivate us to learn, design and develop according to the latest global standard. This helps us provide solution that fit the customer’s requirement while at the same time we reduce the size and the cost of your product.

Highlighted Hardware capabilities:

  • Very fine pitch 0.3mm assembly capability.
  • QFN and BGA packages support.
  • EMC protected circuits.

All in One

Every electronics device indispensably requires both software and hardware. Every coming up technology and innovation should need of some software and hardware elements. That’s why, here in our company we are sure that we can provide you All in One solution for your existing and future ideas. We undertake the design and the development of your future market most wanted idea. Together we discuss the way and the steps in order to undertake the competition of your product according your requirements, focusing in every small and big detail. Following this philosophy our Research and Development department has developed a quit big variety of products mainly for company’s 3 categories products and secondly for every costumer’s new challenge. These challenges made as widen our portfolio with new designs and developments.

  • IOT solutions.
  • Home Automations.
  • Renewable Energy sources.