Emergency Phone for Elevators based on EN81-28:2022

INTD0900 – Emergency Telephone for Elevators certified to EN81-28:2022. The video shows how quick and easy it is to program our emergency phone for elevators. The emergency telephone for elevators can call up to 4 preset numbers in the event that a trapped passenger holds down the emergency button or phone button for at least 3 seconds. The device is placed in the Elevator car, either behind the COP- Control Panel, provided that there is a suitable front to support it, or on the wall with a stainless steel structure. In Version INTD0900 the device only needs the telephone provider for power. With 2 cables from the telephone provider, the installation becomes a simple and quick process. In Version INTD0901 the device needs the telephone provider for the landline and 12/24VDC power supply. The high volume of the loudspeaker and the crystal clear two-way communication between trapped person and rescuer is one of the biggest advantages of the device. In connection with the new features for multiple connection of telephones with a telephone provider or a Pelekis GSM Gateway, the device becomes a must in the selection of telephones for your elevators.

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tolis tsolak