Quality Control

3-Level Quality Control

We are applying a modern way of quality control system that works through every vital part and section of our company. Working in that way means that 3 different level supervisors take care for each manufactured product in our production process. This system requires responsible and strict control from the 3 different operating positions.

Operator: Authorized person is responsible for the monitoring and the maintain of the normality for every step of the production chain. This level ensures the reliability and the efficiency of the production progress.

Engineer: In this second level, a fully trained engineer from the research and development department, is responsible for periodically tests at the production process in order to identify the strengths and the weaknesses. This level helps to improve our products.

Management: To make the production line work more effectively, the working methods should also be inspected. This level defines the meeting structures and is responsible for organizing and applying improvements, tactical & strategy changes.

Advanced Monitoring System


  • Real-time inspection of the production feasibility.
  • Customers can know the status of their order.
  • Fail recording file is kept and analyzed.
  • Keep our resources up to date.
  • Opportunity, to improve our production line.

Every product our company provides to its customers has followed an advanced system that applies on one monitoring and recording process. This system helps us declare the problems that can occur during the production. Also gives us the opportunity to know the production phase of every product at any time. This process keeps our internal processes updated and on the other hand gives credibility to our customer.

3-Steps Quality Control

As a 3rd way to ensure and maintain our manufacturing process in high standards we have assimilate the 3-Step on product quality control. This system governs our production process in 3 different phases which are the Incoming, the In-Process and the Outgoing phase. In that way we are able to filter the in house operations tolerances and avoid as much as possible the possible product failures that could occur.

Incoming: This step requires, carefully inspection on every pre-production process. Here raw material is checked and recorded before the processing. Furthermore this step helps us keep our resources updated.

In-Process: Here assembly process goes through strict control in order to ensure the precisely handing of the operation and record any problem that might occur.

Outgoinf: Constitutes the last step of the production process and is there to verify all the previous checks. Before products are shipped to the customer, have to pass this last step of quality control in order to avoid numerical losses occurred from the previous step.