Pelekis GSM Gateway 4G

Pelekis GSM Gateway 4G

Our cutting-edge GSM Gateway 4G device features advanced 4G/LTE cellular technology with 3G/2G support. Its user-friendly design ensures a seamless installation process. As always, our GSM Gateway designs incorporate an intelligent power supply unit, enabling effortless UPS function operation with a 0.8Ah 12V Battery for up to 3 hours, guaranteeing uninterrupted system performance. We’ve expanded this feature to empower the new GSM Gateway 4G to also provide power to connected Autodialers for the same duration. This new design delivers perfect coverage, exceptional voice quality, remote programming capabilities, and swift firmware updates via a microSD card for specialized customer requirements. Preserving the reliability of traditional methods, the NEW GSM Gateway 4G supports an alternative line provider. This ensures that the system operates and makes calls on the landline when cellular network usage is unnecessary, reducing costs. Additionally, our “PELEKIS GSM Configurator” apk for iOS and Android offers seamless remote control over various functionalities, such as programming, factory resets, emergency number updates, system status monitoring, battery level checks, error diagnostics, and more, all from the convenience of your remote location.

  • Full Voice/SMS functionality.
  • On device record capability, for up to 2 voice messages.
  • Battery 12V/0.8Ah is included in the GSM Gateway and Battery Charger with Real time monitoring.
  • Power Supply Output 12VDC for Emergency Phone Systems ( Perfect Connectivity and Operation with INTD0901-Cabins Autodialer Emergency Phone)
  • Firmware Update on site by transferring new firmware with microSD Card.
  • Reset Button, SIM Card, SD Card are discrete, no need to unscrew to get access.
  • PSTN/GSM Line selection.
  • Up to 4 calling number from Internal memory.
  • Full user operation customizing via SMS or/and iOS / Android Application.
  • Emergency call SIM-less card ability. (IEN 112)



Power Supply

230 VAC, 50Hz

Rated Power Consumption

3.5W Peak

Network Bands

GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz (Global Coverage)

SIM Card Type

Micro SIM, 3V



Battery Type

SLA 12V/0.8Ah

Autonomy Backup

3 Hours

Installation Place

At the Machine Room, At the Shaft

Power Distribution During UPS

Unlimited no OVC Protection

Phone Line connection

Terminal Block

Alternative Telephone Provider Connection

Terminal Block

Case Material


Mount Type

Surface Mount


170 x 150 x 65mm (H x W x D)

Weight (Total/w Battery)